• 2014-12-10

    Request for proposal

    Atend Software is looking for contractors for the execution of the housing electricity meter 1-phase, 3-phase, and balancing in accordance with the requirements of the MID. These would include:

    A study of shape and design, technical project (including the design of injection molds), the execution of 500 pieces. Lots of cabinets in the proportions: 70% counter 1-phase, 28% of the meter, 3-phase, 2% counter balancing, production of technical documentation necessary to MID certification

    Inquiries and offer (including the whole range of cooperation) should be submitted electronically to the email address: maciej.strojewski@atendesoftware.pl

  • 2014-12-05

    Request for proposal

    Atende Software is looking for subcontractors to perform the measurements performed by testing voltage, current and magnetostatic measuring instruments according to PN-EN-50470 and EN-62053:

    Measurement of voltage 4 kV and 6 kV to the nearest 0.5%, the measurement of current to 80A 3-phase with an accuracy of 0.5%, the measurement magnetostatic to 500MT with an accuracy of 3 mT.

    The scope of the unconsolidated includes:

    Preparation of the measurement environment, performance measurement, report the results of research and development.

    Offer, stating the price for 1 working hour mode, please submit a tender electronically to the e-mail address: maciej.strojewski@atendesoftware.pl

  • 2014-01-10

    Request for proposal

    Atende Software is looking for a supplier of the measuring instrument for measuring the solid support and the alternating magnetic field in three axes simultaneously.

    Basic parameters of the device:

    Measuring range up to 2000 mT, 0.5% measurement accuracy, measurement in 3 axes simultaneously, External Interface USB 1.1 min (optional RS232), Battery powered, the results display (LCD, LED), software of measurement and data collection and treatment, The calibration certificate for a period of minutes. 1 year from date of purchase.

    The offer should include: :

    price, delivery time (critical), the list of standard equipment, the price of accessories, the warranty period.
    Additionally, the offer may include a proposal to rent (lease) of a device for a period of 12 months with an option to repurchase the loan period (lease). Please submit bids electronically to the email address: maciej.strojewski@atendesoftware.pl

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