Software development is all about teamwork and effective communication. We started as a team of just 12 people. Ten years on, and there are over a hundred of us. We implement Poland’s largest multimedia and telecommunications projects, but we still haven't forgotten our roots, which were innovative and a bit wild. This fills me with pride.

Przemyslaw Frasunek

Member of the Board

The will to act is what is the most important at work and in life. What drives us is a desire to self-improve, learn new technologies, talk to new clients and employees, inspire them and be inspired to pursue new passions. And that's what we do. We know how to listen and treat challenges as opportunities for further growth.

Mariusz Stusinski

Member of the Board

Advanced engineering has always been a medium of art to me. I am fueled by a creative passion, which has translated into small and big achievements for many years now. I want to amaze the world with the artistry and ingenuity of my ideas and solutions which I constantly develop.

Rafał Jurkiewicz

R&D Director

Atende Software is a Polish IT company providing advanced technology solutions. Our motto is Innovation

The company contributes to the ongoing technological shift by implementing projects which aim to replace old technologies with novel solutions. Currently, the company portfolio includes internet television, cybersecurity and Smart Grid solutions. Atende Software has its own R&D department, which means that every product or service offered to its clients is developed, manufactured, and tested at the company’s headquarters in Poland. All technological solutions provided by Atende Software are proprietary, which makes it stand out in the market.

Our values

The Management

Zasób 23@2x-80

Przemyslaw Frasunek

Member of the Board

Passionate about IT security. Author of over 40 reports on errors in commonly used software. Former Polish white hat hacker. A systems security and digital forensics expert.

Zasób 17@2x-80

Mariusz Stusinski

Member of the Board

A top manager who is able to execute nearly any vision. Involved in the ICT market since the beginning of his career. Has many years of experience in selling telecommunications software and equipment.

Department Heads

Zasób 20@2x-80

Rafal Jurkiewicz

R&D Director

Started programming back in 1986, when he worked with Sinclair BASIC and the Z80 assembler. At Atende Software, he is responsible for technology development, design and algorithms. He oversees and is actively involved in the implementation of the most critical elements of designed systems.


Radosław Jozwik

Multimedia Solutions Department Director

He started his commercial projects with software for managing NGN network elements, developing his interests mainly in the area of building server systems. He gained professional experience while holding a position of a programmer, analyst and architect. He tirelessly looks for simple and effective solutions.


Wojciech Turak

Multimedia Services Department Director

Experienced project manager in the OTT area. At Atende Software, he is responsible for the development of self-service services in the area of Multimedia. He started his managerial career as Team Lead of a team of programmers, then Project / Portfolio manager. Enthusiast and practitioner of Lean and Agile approaches in IT.


Tomasz Paldyna

Sales Director

Manager with wide knowledge in the field of Media & Broadcast and Telco. He sells Atende Software products to help clients grow and to solve their problems. He has gained experience in sales in the Central and Eastern Europe and Asia markets. He wants the new clients to learn about our technological solutions.

Our partners

We support artists and athletes

We associate the mission of creating conditions for the development of the information society with our support of culture, science and sports in Poland.

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