Atende Software implements projects co-financed from public funds


Atende Software implements a research and development project entitled “Programming environment for the creation of measuring systems for Smart Grid” as part of the pilot project “Support for scientific research and development works in the DEMONSTRATOR + demonstration scale” co-financed from the Innovative Economy funds. Granting co-financing and supervision over the project is carried out by the National Center for Research and Development.

Project's description

The main goal of the innovative project is to create an intelligent electricity meter based on a universal microprocessor platform. The element that distinguishes the project is the communication layer in the meter, which will be implemented on a purely programmatic path, which will allow to change communication protocols without hardware modification. The goal of the project is to create a prototype and sell licenses that enable the device to be manufactured. Confirmation of the adopted design assumptions and the correctness of the construction will be obtaining a CE certificate issued by a laboratory notified for compliance with Directive 2004/22 / EU (the so-called “counter directive”)

Project’s schedule
The begining of the project
analysis of requirements for infrastructure and IT system
completion of the system design phase
implementation, testing and optimization of the system
final conclusions