Atende Software won a tender at NASK for anti DDoS system

Atende Software won the proceedings announced by NASK for provision of protection services of the Nationwide Educational Network against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. She was the only bidder in the tender. The company will receive slightly over 592,000 for services rendered. zł.

The redGuardian system will protect the OSE infrastructure against all types of volumetric and application DDoS attacks:

causing overflow and saturating the bandwidth needed to provide services;
aimed at flooding with IP packets;
causing depletion of resources of the system providing the service, eg by flooding with packets with the TCP SYN flag;
attacks using a large number of sessions for a specific application used to provide the service.
The service will be ordered with a specific bandwidth, defining the amount of “cleaned up” incoming traffic. During the term of the agreement, NASK will be able to increase the capacity of the service.

NASK expects that in the case of a DDoS type attack (no matter what scale and type), the cleaned traffic will reach schools. The service will operate in two, complementary modes: “on demand”, when the operator of the OSE network, after detecting a DDoS attack, redirects traffic to the provider’s servers that will protect against DDoS attacks, and in continuous mode when DDoS attacks are automatically detected by the contractor’s infrastructure and traffic clearing is started without the additional involvement of the network operator.

The contract is to be signed for six months from the day the service is implemented or until NASK uses the maximum remuneration for the contractor. NASK provides for the option right, which will involve extending the service provision time by further: a) 3 months, b) 2 times for 3 months or c) 6 months, over the period covered by the basic order.

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