Atende Software with another redGuardian foreign DDoS scrubbing center

Atende Software, a company providing innovative technological solutions, has launched a new scrubbing center – in South America. in São Paulo is one of the largest internet exchange points in the world. In 2018 Atende Software built its infrastructure at London’s exchange point (LINX). The expansion of infrastructure abroad allows redGuardian to perform more effectively against DDoS attacks due to the proximity of a source of an attack threat location. It also strengthens its business position in Europe and South America. Due to a large population and the significant number of infected or poorly configured devices, the countries of North and South America alongside with Asia and Russia, are considered to be the largest DDoS attacks sources.

redGuardian is a software defined solution which is a result of developmental works conducted for many years. An advantage of the redGuardian platform software solution is also the ability to connect locations with an overlay network implemented directly over IP connections (instead of dedicated transmissions), while preserving 1500B MTU.

– Launching a scrubbing center in São Paulo is an another step in building the competitive advantage of redGuardian abroad. We are able to practically freely distribute and scale the capacity of our system because the system itself operates on a x86 class server, which can be rented from local collocation. There is no need to use specialized equipment, logistics or related investment outlays – comments Przemysław Frasunek, head of Atende Software Security Systems Department.

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