Free protection against DDoS attacks for the public sector from redGuardian

Atende Software launches a 3-month free period of using the redGuardian service for public sector clients. The company’s initiative is a response to the current situation related to the coronavirus – additional support in the field of cybersecurity will allow public institutions to provide online services without fear of loss of business continuity.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the functioning of many public sector institutions has been limited. Customer service points have been closed or their scope of work has been limited. Many elements of task and project handling have been moved to the digital space, which entails the need to ensure their high availability and trouble-free operation.

Internet space, despite its many useful functionalities, requires adequate security. One of the most common threats are DDoS attacks, the number and size of which may increase due to the situation. Therefore, security systems against attacks are a must – while for many companies and institutions they are associated with high costs. The belief that these solutions are expensive to maintain is often a barrier to ensuring effective protection of network infrastructure.

Therefore, Atende Software introduces a free 3-month DDoS protection service based on the redGuardian platform. You can contact us on, redGuardian service scope depends on technical capabilities.

– Protecting clients from the public sector against DDoS attacks is our symbolic “brick” for a common national interest. By joining to the #stayhome action, our company wants to support the functioning of public institutions in the most available way – providing digital security and effective protection against DDoS attacks. – comments Przemysław Frasunek, Vice President of Atende Software.

About Atende Software

The company has created the redGuardian platform, which is designed to protect against DDoS attacks and, consequently, against interruptions in the provision of services to clients. The most important competitive advantage is performance exceeding 100Mpps on a single x86 server. The product is offered both in the service model (scrubbing center) and in the form of dedicated equipment (appliance) implemented in the operator’s network. Atende Software is also a provider of the country’s largest content distribution system (CDN) and technology for internet television.

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