Apator and Phoenix Systems will design a new generation intelligent energy meter

Apator SA concluded an agreement with Phoenix Systems from the Atende Group for the design of elements for a new, intelligent electricity meter. The meter will be a modern Internet of Things (IoT) device based on the Phoenix-RTOS operating system.

The project is based on the synergy of experience of both companies in implementing solutions for the energy sector. It will combine the know-how of Apator SA in the design and production of meters with the experience of Phoenix Systems in the field of software for IoT devices. Phoenix-RTOS is already used in intelligent iSmart gas meters by Apator Metrix.

– Apator focuses on innovation. Our customers expect new generations of meters with the use of modern communication technologies, which – together with an advanced measuring system – create an optimal solution for energy networks with distributed renewable energy sources. Innovative products supplied by the Group are developed by its own R&D offices, but also as part of cooperation with innovators such as Phoenix Systems, thanks to which we can provide new, unique value to our most demanding customers – emphasizes Mirosław Klepacki, President of the Board of Apator SA.

The designed energy meter will be an advanced IoT device using the IP protocol and various standards of wired (e.g. PLC PRIME) and wireless communication (e.g. IEEE 802.15.4, LTE Cat-M1 450 MHz). It is assumed that the meter will be able to act as an IP router and transfer data from other meters, which will allow obtaining a reading efficiency factor close to 100%.

The architecture of the designed energy meter will be similar to the architecture of a computer system, and the operating system will create an environment for the operation of various user applications. This is an approach known from commonly used mobile devices.

– The current implementation of intelligent energy networks has shown that an intelligent energy meter should become an advanced device of the Internet of Things, which ensures high scalability, modularity and an adequate level of security of collected data. Apator is the undisputed leader in the design and production of advanced measuring devices, which is why we are pleased that as a company developing the operating system and software for IoT we can be part of this innovative project – said Paweł Pisarczyk, CEO of Phoenix-Systems.


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